Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

If you are looking for a perfect astronomy green laser pointer, you have found the right place!  Trying to find the perfect astronomy laser pointer can be confusing so we are here to help you out.  Whether you are an amateur astronomer or have been doing it for many years, we are here to give you some suggestions.

Our green laser pointer has the unique ability to emit a perfectly straight visible green beam across the night sky.  Laser pointers can accurately point out all the stars and constellations in total darkness.  Many astronomers will attach our green laser pointer to their telescopes which can aid in guiding to correct precise positions.

green laser pointer

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green laser pointer

Red or Green Lasers for Astronomy

Some people are not sure if they should choose red or green lasers for pointing to stars in the night sky.  A green laser will always work much better than red for stargazing.  Green lasers are more visible to astronomers than red or other color laser pointers.

The color red is close to the infrared spectrum which means it uses less energy than colors on the visible spectrum.  When a red laser makes contact with dust in the air or moisture, its energy is absorbed instead of being reflected.  Other reason why green is the better choice, is due to the wider aperture.  When a beam makes contact with particles in the air, its reflected and is why the green beam is much more visible.

Green is the best and brightest color to use for total darkness while stargazing, followed by  blue, red and violet.  This means a green laser is more visible to your eyes and why its commonly used for astronomy.  Green lasers require less energy to produce the same laser brightness compared to other colors.

Stay away from the keychain laser pointers which are usually very weak and poorly made.  Our pen styled laser is perfect for astronomy and includes 2 free AA batteries which much more power than tiny watch batteries.

Great Uses for our Green Laser

Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

Our high power green laser pointer is perfect for use in astronomy.  Green is the best color to use in the night sky for pointing up to stars in the sky.  The laser beam is perfectly straight so its perfect for stars and constellations.  Many times, astronomers will attach a green laser to their telescopes to properly adjust and aid for the correct positions.  Green laser pointers work much better than the common red laser pointers.  The color red is close to the infrared spectrum, which means it has much less energy than colors on the visible spectrum. So when a red laser makes contact with dust in the air or water molecules, its energy is simply absorbed as opposed to reflected.

One of the main reasons green lasers are so popular, especially high-powered handhelds, is due to the light-saberesque beam they emit. They have a slightly wider aperture than a simple pointer and when the beam makes contact with particles in the air or atmosphere, it’s reflected; this is why the beam is so visible on a green laser pointer.

Presentation Green Laser Pointer

High schools, colleges and speakers all over the world love using our green laser pointers for their presentations and speeches.  Our green lasers are powerful enough to easily point to objects across the room for everyone to easily see.   This is a must have tool for any teacher, which can easily be kept in their pocket, purse or desk.


The high power green laser features a top precision all-metal body. Don’t be fooled, some green laser pointers have a plastic body that is metalized. Our all-metal body green laser pointer is therefore robust and durable.


Our high power green laser pointer features an all-glass lens that focuses the beam to a sharper, rounder, clearer dot.


Powered by a Sony diode with a lifetime of 3000-5000 hours, it projects a high power green dot up to an incredible 2 miles away. And it so powerful that the beam itself can be seen for several hundred feet in darkness. That’s why astronomers use it to point out constellations and stars in the night sky, the US Army uses it for training exercises, and executives at all levels use it to enhance their prestige. It’s a very important tool if you get lost while hiking.


Body Color – Black
Range of over 12,000 ft.
Wavelength of 532 nm
Power – 5mw
Full size, all metal body – No Plastic
Up to 60 times more powerful than red laser pointers
Switch is “push button operating”
Lifetime of 3000 hrs.
Two AAA batteries included
Protective green laser pointer case included
Sturdy, durable case for traveling and storing

green laser pointer

Only $19.95
Order in the next 29 minutes and get FREE SHIPPING!
Fast same day shipping – 2-3 day delivery

Order today and we will also include a FREE protective case and FREE batteries!

green laser pointer


Class IIIa hight power green laser pointers are systems with power levels of 1 to 5 mW that normally would not produce a hazard if viewed for only momentary periods with the unaided eye. They pose severe eye hazards when viewed through optical instruments (e.g., microscopes, binoculars, or other collecting optics). Class IIIa lasers must be labeled. A warning label shall be placed on or near the laser in a conspicuous location and caution users to avoid staring into the beam or directing the beam toward the eye of individuals. Equipment, such as some visible continuous wave Helium-Neon lasers and some solid state laser pointers, are examples of Class IIIa lasers.

The maximum output allowable for green laser pointers by FDA is 5 mW. This is the most powerful laser pointer allowed by law. The green laser beam is clearly visible in the air.

Can you really see the green laser beam?

Yes, the 5mw high power green laser has a clearly visible green beam in even slightly foggy conditions, in night clubs or theatres where there is a smoky atmosphere, the beam is easy to see.

What is the green laser pointer suitable for?

The <5mw unit is suitable for general use as a high power laser pointer, for pointing at displays and identifying buildings and many other general uses.

Are the green laser pointers suitable as children’s toys?

Under no circumstances should children handle these lasers, they are not toys and can be dangerous since they are extremely high power.

DANGER: Laser Radiation. Never look directly into the laser beam. Never point a laser beam at a person. Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces. Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult.

What does all this technical jargon mean?

The “<” symbol means “(slightly) less than” and the “>” symbol means “greater than”. The “<” symbol is a legal requirement for Class IIIa laser pointers, as in some countries they are required to be lass than 5mw, so we calibrate ours to 4.99mw, hence they are within the law being less than 5mw.

High power green laser pointers are a must have if you go hiking, look at constellations, or just to have fun with. Comes with its own sturdy, durable case for storing and also with two ‘AAA’ batteries.

Green Laser Pointer, what can they be used for?

Professional presentations, astronomers pointing out constellations and stars in the night sky, bird watching, tour guides, construction engineers and workers pointing out points of interest on a project, camping, hiking, etc.

What is a laser?

A laser is a device that projects a highly concentrated narrow beam of light which is amplified to great brightness using stimulated radiation. Lasers were invented in 1958 and since then, billions have been produced for many kinds of electronic products including all CD players.

Are the green lasers legal?

Our green laser pointer is legal in all states in the USA.  The laws vary from country to country on the sale of various laser devices. Generally laser pointers are restricted to <5mw output and our general use Class IIIa unit strictly adheres to this specification.

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